Why we need an electric toothbrush ?

If you brush your teeth regularly and properly you could live longer. That's no exaggeration. The research is overwhelming: our oral hygiene has the ability to affect our general health, and having the best electric toothbrush is crucial. In 2016, for example, scientists discovered that brushing your teeth regularly could slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease. The research found that gum disease can speed up mental decline six times.

How do you go about upping your oral hygiene game (short of becoming best friends with a dentist)? Many would recommend an electric toothbrush.But is an electric model really what's best for you? I think we can answer this question .We produce different range products from cheap ,basic electric toothbrush to Sonic electric toothbrush to meet different people's requirements.Here is what we have  :

Sonic toothbrush : S100 S300 S400

Basic electric toothbrush : M100

Cheap : C100

What are the benefits of an electric toothbrush?

The following are the key benefits to owning an electric toothbrush:


1.Consistent power delivery for a dentist-like clean

2.Can remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual brush

3.Reduces tooth decay and improves gum health

4.Can help to eliminate bad breath

5.Timers and pacers to encourage a 2 minute clean

6.Various cleaning modes

7.Differing styles of brush head to achieve different results

8.Fading bristles remind you when to change your brush head

9.Relatively low lifetime cost

10.Can improve your oral hygiene routine

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