kids electric toothbrush

Do we kids need the electric toothbrush ? Should we get our kids an electric toothbrush ? Yes definitely . What is the  parent's concern to get the electric toothbrush for the kids ?

High Quality Bristles : The kids have more sensitive gag reflexes than adults ,this will make anything that goes into a child's mouth is likely to be more uncomfortable than for an adult .We use the soft and small DuPont bristle which is perfect for the kids and make them love  brushing .

Replacement brush head:If you have 2 more kids ,it is possible for you to buy only one electric toothbrush .Yes ,our kids electric toothbrush kit offer 2pcs  heads in one kit .You just need to change the heads each time the brush handle is used .

Life time of the battery : The battery life of our sonic electric toothbrush for kids is about 30 days after fully charged .Parent no need to worry about charging problem .

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